Since 1979, the Music building has been New york City’s largest and most historic rehearsal facility with 69 studios exclusively leased to musicians of all genres, the building has become the physical hub of independent music creation in the North East.


As the first stop in the music creation process, the Music Building has consistently been viewed by the music community as an integral part of their tradecraft. Former tenants such as Madonna, Interpol, Billy Idol an, Joey Ramone rehearsed and refined their earliest hits in The Music Building’s Studios.


I worked with The Music Building from 2011-2014, breathing life into The Music Building by connecting artists with artists, carefully curating events, content and and social experiences both inperson and online.

The Music Building’s facebook profile and online presences has grown to over 11,000 fans, with a current average 14% engagement.  For a local community this is a great start. But what is even better is the content they are creating about the community and the impact of music. Take a peek at the conversation.



roots of culture with their most recent campaign, “How does music shape New York neighborhoods?”


Each week, The Music Building focuses on different topics releasing their interviews on their YouTube channel. Each interview focuses on various aspects of music culture. Such as venues and how they impact musicians. And how different cultures in various neighborhoods impact each other. And, how to distill the secret behind a thriving art/music scene.

The Music Building and the current and past community, are part of the fabric and  underbelly of the creative spirit that drives New York City.