100 Lunar-Day Challenge

"The Self"


A Selfie, Self-Portrait

a poet in a batting cage of ideas and obligations

of abstract self-expression




collective consciousness transforms into

collective action.

I conceptualized "the self" in terms of the Enneagram Personality Test, a series of 105 questions, to which you respond using Likert Scales. This website analyzes your responses and generates a data visualization of your personality as a combination of 9 Personality Archetypes. I decided to make a sketch of my results, since drawing, doodling, and stream-of-consciousness writing are essential to my analytical and creative processes, which are generally quite skeptical of tests as a model for human behavior:

As I sketched the results in my notebook, I reflected on specific design choices to consider in future iterations such as, color schemes and representing my results in 3-dimensions. I experimented with creating a 3D model using spherical styrofoam and pliable wire. I am observing the structure, shapes and mobility of this model. Below are a few photos I took. The sculpture reminds me of the phases of the moon.

My next step is to think of a visual code that represents the questions in the quiz and how I answered them to determine my results for each of the 9 Archetypes. I might use pins or wire of different lengths to represent the spectrum of the Likert Scale. I also am thinking about how color and material can be used to communicate a system or interaction.

SELF SYSTEM 2: The 3D "To-Do" Sculpture

Here are examples of how I manage my time and my ideas, distinguishing between time in which I must complete assignments, commute around the city, meet with people versus time in which I have to think, read, write, and create and the tools I need to explore the dimensions of time and causality. I’m envisioning a spiderweb-like dream catcher/chandelier that functions as a calendar, Kanban, and vision board in one.

FURTHER READING (highly recommended)

Charles Hampten-Turner, Maps of the Mind Charts and Concepts of the Mind and its Labyrinths (1982)

P.D. Ouspensky, The Fourth Way

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