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I was invited to host a Systems Design workshop with Powrplnt, a forward-thinking non-profit committed to building digital literacy and arts community. I've been part of Powrplnt's network for a few years now, mainly because I've met several likeminded (and very down-to-earth) people exploring the nuances of how big ideas are evolving in our current digital context. Powrplnt is not only a network of creative technologists, digital artists, and people with ideas that don't quite fit into a box, but also is a physical art gallery and digital laboratory located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

In retrospect (and to be completely honest), it was such a rewarding experience to share my research with the workshop attendees, a group of about 20 people with a range of backgrounds from digital organizing, UX research, game design, and urban design. I felt like I was presenting to a group of professionals who really "got" where I was coming from, which resulted in my finding a bunch of brilliant collaborators to develop ideas with.

We are currently working on designing visual toolkits (AR stickers, user flow templates, and content that inspires emergent behavior) that can bring Systems Thinking into our social media discourse, to help people imagine communities, places, and worlds where they feel engaged, inspired, and connected. Take a glimpse into our thinking and as always, email me if you want to chat about it!

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