Friday Night Bubble

Over the past few weeks, I have begun to shift my thought process towards composing and refining lyrics, what I had perceived as the original and unsurmountable creative challenge. I received a second guitar track to work into my mix of "Miracle" and continued to edit and mix the tracks for "Alone Pattern." I reached out to collaborators to record a guitar track for "Secret" and began to plan the recording and production process....back to my habits of planning into abstraction.

As I reflect on what I learned from the past two months of documenting my creative process, is a sense of confidence about generating a music sketch, as melodic and lyrical ideas "come to me." I can make a record sketch from scratch in about two hours. I made a new sketch, called "Friday Night Bubble" and added the tracks to the Dropbox folder. While I haven't achieved my goal of being able to freestyle story-tell with majestic strokes of breath, I have reconnected to a creative talent which I had thought left me forever, to know what I am singing about. I know the song is some kind of journey about seeing double, staying out of trouble; but it's a struggle, when there's a lot to juggle on a Friday night, and you have to burst your bubble.

I have four other song sketch ideas that I can develop as needed. I still feel like I need to learn a better system for recording and mixing process, and refresh EQ & Compression skills on Garageband (and to learn what else is possible on Ableton).

I also have been working on final motion graphic touches for the music video for Paradice, which I hope to release in the next few weeks. This requires developing a basic content and PR strategy, and I'm trying to be inspired and authentic and what not.

So far I have sketches for five song ideas called, "Miracle, Alone Patterns, Secret, Wild Card, and Friday Night Bubble."

The most recent working recordings are all organized in the Dropbox Folder, "Creative Output"

Here are my inspiration playlists:

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