Facing Fears

In the fifth installtion of my Creative Output, I have made an informed choice not post a new sketch here, but instead to share a demo I made of the sketch "alone patterns" from week 2. I was excited when my fried Francesco sent me a guitar track that he recorded for this song. I decided to record vocals, and make a basic mix that is a pretty complete framework for a song that can be produced (arranged, remixed, and re-recorded).

The tracks are not mixed (no automation, EQ or compression). The editing is not perfect, and some of the harmonies and timings are off. This aspect of production can be explored later in the process.

The inspiration for making this move comes from the Vision Board we made in the first few weeks of the semester. It was about facing fear, and alchemizing it into curiosity You can refer to it here.

As the semester comes to a close, my goal is to have 3 demos recorded at home (Alone Patterns, Miracle, and Secret), so that I can work on recording over winter break. I also am planning to take a Sound/Music class next semester. I would like to sharpen my mixing and mastering skills, and am also interested in exploring live electronic music performance. I am looking for a class were I can develop at least one of these ideas.

I wanted to share a recent episode of my favorite podcast, "Song Exploder," which dissects artists' creative process around songwriting, recording, and production. I really resonate with Empress Of's methods which include improvising in different languages, analyzing breathing and phrasing, and allowing meaning and lyrics to reveal themselves in the process. Check it out documented here:

And at last, here is my DIY demo of Alone Patterns:

It has been fun and challenging to figure out the lyrics and structure of this song. I have some of the verses written out, and am starting to hear ideas for harmonies, but I feel like the song doesn't yet have a clear structure.

And again, here is the playlist with sounds and vibes that I would like to incorporate into the final idea. I guess I should start looking for producers to help me with the next steps.

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