As the next steps become clearer, my process becomes more efficient, and I can make song sketches much faster, while experimenting with new techniques to explore the sounds I'm going for.

For this song, "Secret", I don't have an "inspiration" playlist (yet), and unlike the previous songs, this sketch has some vocal layers. I enjoyed this breakthrough because I could step away from what was becoming a torturous recording/lyric-writing process and practice vocal editing as part of the initial composition.

After a few more listens, I will edit my "inspiration" playlist that can help me communicate the sound I would like in the final production.

The sounds in this song bring in a lot of symbols and inspiration that I will use to explore new lyrics in the future. This idea is based off of a melody idea that I've tried recording and incorporating into previous collaborations. The original lyrics were something like:

Crawl into my universe

And hear the voices call you

to live

And hear the goddess call you

to forgive

(Stand under the waterfall

The fireflies are slowly flowing

of their eyes)**

The new process allowed me to spend more time honing my editing skills (and determining that Garageband is far more intuitive for editing tracks that Ableton. I also played around with sound effects. This demo really needs crossfading, which is a basic audio engineering technique that I should learn. Also the tracks definitely need more work on sound design and basic mixing.

There was some kind of error I merged and exported the tracks to Dropbox, and they do no line up properly, since their start times were not synced. I will troubleshoot and bounce the tracks again in the future. It also seems like it's not a huge problem for the producer to figure out the arrangement.

I am starting to plan my courses for next semester and am considering either Sound Studio or Electronic Music Performance, where I hope to develop the song ideas from this "Creative Output."

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