Wild Card

I'm starting to really appreciate this endeavor to track the "ideation process" around my musical vision.

This Creative Output #3 deadline coincided with our midterm for "ideation & prototyping" at NYU (for which we are making a musical instrument), as well as the release of my first music video which is currently undergoing a labor-intensive, motion-graphic cosmetic procedure. I also believe that I alluded to my vocal lessons/daily practices in my last post, which I will not elaborate on here, but will only mention that it has melded my neuroses, abstractions, and anxiety into creativity that feels like a breakthrough in the bigger-picture vision of actually recording vocals and producing these songs into decent compositions. That said, the process I followed for Creative Output #3 has strayed from the method I used for the first two ideas.

Here is what I learned:

1, I miss painting, although I can say I'd never devoted as much practice/study for visual art as I have for music and sound over the past few years. Painting is definitely a solo practice, whereas this music thing is all about collaboration and co-production (for me).

2. I intended to develop my idea for a song called "Secret." I began to create a playlist of songs with sounds that inspire me and paint the landscape for the melody that's in my head. I determined what key the melody is in (E minor) and learned that it is in the "Raag Bageshri.. descending"... or something...I think I'm going to keep working on this idea and will post it later on in this assignment. I want to compose parts for it using vocal samples, so I'm working on setting up to record that (also my keyboard and speakers randomly decided to stop working last week, and it's totally cramping my style!)

3. Because I value discipline and deadlines (and the temptation of self-sabotage), I created a song on Garageband in about an hour. Although I didn't follow my previous process of writing tracks on the Korg synth app (which creates MIDI tracks), I followed the general song template which was a useful thought experiment ( and drawn from something I had read/YouTubed a lot about a few weeks ago). I selected drum synth, bass & guitar loops that I had "favorited" over the past few weeks of playing around in Garageband, and slapped something together that has this trip-dub hip-hop vibe with a tinge of world-folk music. I am very curious to hear how my musical collaborators respond to this one compared to the others. It might "make more sense" to them, but I wonder if it will sound more generic?

4. When exporting the tracks to Dropbox, I realized that this method of songwriting wouldn't require me to convert the loops into MIDI tracks because it is fairly easy to edit. I want to brush up on how to convert a sound sample into a MIDI keyboard/instrument based off of the tone. This is something that most producers should know. In fact, tomorrow I'll be heading to the BK Noyze Lab to meet up with a collaborator who can show me a few of these basic Audio Engineering techniques.

5. This might be random but I just realized I need to start developing my YouTube channel. So far I am loving the UX for the "Creator's Studio"

6. i'm listening bac to what made and already hear some edits that need to be on the guitar trac at measure 21 (00:40)

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