Alone Patterns

1. Alone Patterns is an amalgamation of bluesy indie-rock and dream-pop.

2. Here are some songs that inspire the sound I am ultimately going for on this song:

3. The lyrics for my original idea:

Ah, ah, ah, ah

I don't mind

that every time

you come my way

you ask me why

and ask me how

You can't buy love

or trust or friendship

or count all the time that you give

Just let it show

Let me know

that i am not alone.

(Chords: Gmin/Cmin)

4. I determined that this song is Gmin. I tried to watch tutorials on chord progressions in Gmin, but ultimately this didn't help when I was putting the song together in Garageband.

5. I wrote some parts in the Korg Gadget app (en ROOte to Toronto and in the hotel room). I downloaded a new "synth" called Vancouver which ended up glitching out and causing a lot of problems in this step of songwriting, since the app wasn't able to process all the sounds. I realize that I was getting over excited and spending money on new toys, before mastering the concept and skills needed to create this song. I will be more mindful of staying focused, for the next song.

6. When I got home, I transferred the Korg samples into Garageband and started to compose. I found some old samples that I made for this song from three years ago and started to play around with those. It didn't work. They were in a different key, and I didn't bother transposing them. I decided to scrap them. I ended up relying much more on Garageband loops to compose this initial idea (something that I have snobbily avoided because I always thought it was lame. However, I humbly realized that I actually have a lot to learn from composing on Garageband.) This creative challenge allowed me to familiarize myself with the program and sounds, and will hopefully improve my process for future songs. The concept has some interesting elements, but also some glaring mistakes in the composition, that I am hoping a producer can fix. I wonder if I will need to make MIDI tracks for this song, when I get to the production part of this song.

7. All the project files are in this Dropbox Folder. I am pleased with the overall rock/blues feel of this song, and the interesting beats. I am working on editing the sounds further, so there isn't too much going on. The framework has given me a new approach towards singing the words and really thinking about what this song is about.

8. I started to take Carnatic Vocal lessons. My teacher reminded me to stay very focused on vocal technique before moving on to composing lyrics, so I will leave that part to January, once my Creative Output exercise is finished.

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