September 20, 2018

For my first "Creative Output," I decided to compose a sketch (our sound landscape) for a song idea called, "Miracle."  I remember the melody came to me when I was walking around Chinatown sometime in the Fall of 2016, and the only words that came into my mind were "Make America Great Again..."  For some reason, which perhaps I will explore later on in this songwriting process, I didn't want to go down the rabbit hole of thoughts laid out by that phrase.  I changed the words to "Make a miracle and pray for me," a phrase that has a much more loaded and personal meaning to me. 


Over the past two years, I have explored this song idea with various collaborators who have made beats, composed guitar and bass lines, helped me figure out chords (I still do not understand chords) and listened to various a capella recordings I made of the idea.  I remember one of my collaborators giving me conceptual advice that motivated me to create my own process for creating a framework for my own ideas, which will hopefully lead to discovering more meaning, lyrics, and melodies. 


1. Miracle is an amalgamation of dreamy electropop, darkwave, and future bass.

2. Some songs that inspire the idea:




3. First draft of Lyrics



My whole world comes crashing down

whenever you come near me

I hear the vibrating spell

of you personality

I wonder why you haunt my dreams

Make a miracle and pray for me


SCENE 2 Chorus

A miracle, miracle,  miracle baby

a miracle



My soul exists I won't deny it

Many insists they'd never been born

Make a miracle oh, make a miracle oh


Make a miracle and pray for me

Make a miracle pray for me



La la la la la la la

make a miracle oh

pray for me 

pray for me


4. Possible Chord Progression**: (Cmin, B#maj, F#maj, Fmin, Cmin, B#maj)


5. Wrote parts in Korg App and Uploaded to Dropbox Folder: "Creative Output_miracle"


7. Arranged song in Garage band and recorded vocals.  The recording is very rough.  Through this step in the process, I began to hear new ideas, melodies, and tones that will bring life to the final version.  I also learned that exporting individual project tracks in Garageband is trickier than in Ableton.  This will make sharing the project with producers slightly more challenging, since it will require "rebuilding" the tracks from scratch or spending time lining up the merged tracks to make sure the timing is correct.  I uploaded the tracks, the master track, and an instrumental version to the Dropbox. 


8. The next step is to explore producers who work on vocal processing and electronic beats for the final version and figuring out the best way to share the project tracks. 



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