Better Community Management services is about defining the purpose, which is the glue, that builds long-term stakeholders and ecosystems around your business.  We bring new collaborators, customers, and donors to your cause, and cultivate valuable relationships between your existing members.  We help measure and highlight the things about your cause that make people proud to be a part of it.

UX Research & Digital Strategy

Digital Media has unleashed the potential for businesses to leverage community to test out new services, share ideas, and branch out into new markets.  We'll review your current strategies and provide:


  • Metrics, Analysis and Information Design focused on specific insights

  • Strategy proposals, Presentation Decks, and Project Management plans

  • Surveys, Research, User Testing

  • Monthly Trend Reports

Community Management &Team Building

Mazimize your digital outreach with an organized system to communicate with targeted audiences on your various channels.  We'll help create systems for managing freelancers, employees, community members, clients, and partners.

  • Customized directory of collaborators, donors, customers, and fans

  • Management tools for Mailchimp, Slack, Asana, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels

  • Workshops and trainings for your staff 

  • Designing campaigns and promotions for your business to reach community

  • Project Management

  • Finding and training the right people to manage day-to-day posting for your business

Creating Shared Spaces

Bring your vision to life by including your community in the strategy,  though facilitated dialogue, learning, co-creating, and cultural experiences.  

  • Community-Focused Programming

    • Music & Arts

    • Meditation & Mindfulness

    • Design Thinking & Brainstorms

    • Social Impact & Stakeholder Engagement

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