Future Local is a collective of designers, researchers, and creative technologists dedicated to bringing Systems Thinking into how we create digital products, with a holistic view of their impact on society, culture, and human behavior.  



Roo studies the relationship between digital media, human behavior, and community spaces.  She is a social media and digital product consultant that works with companies that are closely integrated with New York City’s local culture and identity.



Jaclyn creates visuals for interactive experiences, like websites, apps and games. As a designer, her goal is always to create a playful moment for users to enjoy. She also teaches Interaction Design and gets really excited talking about design tools


Ian creates serious and silly experiences in games, education, health and beverage to name a few. Is drawn to projects for people and about people. Loves learning, teaching and engaging intimate groups. Has a disposition for people, technology, and the natural world and enjoys exploration of new intersections, interactions and contradictions found in their similarities and differences.


Kelly applies creative methodologies to understand how people interact with systems as mediated by personal technologies. As a UX researcher with a background in service design, her primary focus centers on mobility (both physical and financial) and how much agency individuals have as actors within a given system.