Hi, I'm Roo and I help people design digital products and content that sparks social innovation in New York City.


I believe in the power of technology to transform public discourse through adaptive learning, interdisciplinary collaboration, and data-driven solutions.  I'm passionate about developing multicultural design-thinking strategies to create better communities. 


I travel around the world to participate in platform cooperatives and the sharing economy.  I research the art of hospitality in various cultures and observe the needs of people searching for access to resources, space, and support within local contexts.  I work with organizations to create community-building strategies and disruptive business models.                                                                         

My soul is one of a lifelong learner, and so far I've studied Ecology & Environmental Biology, Urban Planning, and Integrated Digital Media at Rutgers University, Columbia University, and I'm currently working on an interdisciplinary thesis at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.  


Take a glimpse at these projects, and clients who are pioneering initiatives for digital communities, creative collaboration, and experiential spaces.  Let's talk about how your organization can participate.