What is Future Local?

A couple of digital media junkies living on opposite ends of NYC began to exchange their insights on the future of interdisciplinary public discourse and data-driven decision-making. They decided to host an informal IRL salon-style gathering with friends and other locals who wanted to partake in such a thought-experiment. The first gathering took place a few weeks ago, on a rainy day in Sunset Park, in the home of composer and sound artist, Michael J. Schumacher. The theme of the evening centered on the challenges of finding, cultivating, and preserving spaces for organic community building. The conversation was led by curator and cultural liaison, Eva Mayhabal Davis, who shared her experien

Facing Fears

In the fifth installtion of my Creative Output, I have made an informed choice not post a new sketch here, but instead to share a demo I made of the sketch "alone patterns" from week 2. I was excited when my fried Francesco sent me a guitar track that he recorded for this song. I decided to record vocals, and make a basic mix that is a pretty complete framework for a song that can be produced (arranged, remixed, and re-recorded). The tracks are not mixed (no automation, EQ or compression). The editing is not perfect, and some of the harmonies and timings are off. This aspect of production can be explored later in the process. The inspiration for making this move comes from the Vision Boa


As the next steps become clearer, my process becomes more efficient, and I can make song sketches much faster, while experimenting with new techniques to explore the sounds I'm going for. For this song, "Secret", I don't have an "inspiration" playlist (yet), and unlike the previous songs, this sketch has some vocal layers. I enjoyed this breakthrough because I could step away from what was becoming a torturous recording/lyric-writing process and practice vocal editing as part of the initial composition. After a few more listens, I will edit my "inspiration" playlist that can help me communicate the sound I would like in the final production. The sounds in this song bring in a lot of symbols