Wild Card

I'm starting to really appreciate this endeavor to track the "ideation process" around my musical vision. This Creative Output #3 deadline coincided with our midterm for "ideation & prototyping" at NYU (for which we are making a musical instrument), as well as the release of my first music video which is currently undergoing a labor-intensive, motion-graphic cosmetic procedure. I also believe that I alluded to my vocal lessons/daily practices in my last post, which I will not elaborate on here, but will only mention that it has melded my neuroses, abstractions, and anxiety into creativity that feels like a breakthrough in the bigger-picture vision of actually recording vocals and producing

Alone Patterns

1. Alone Patterns is an amalgamation of bluesy indie-rock and dream-pop. 2. Here are some songs that inspire the sound I am ultimately going for on this song: 3. The lyrics for my original idea: Ah, ah, ah, ah I don't mind that every time you come my way you ask me why and ask me how You can't buy love or trust or friendship or count all the time that you give Just let it show Let me know that i am not alone. (Chords: Gmin/Cmin) 4. I determined that this song is Gmin. I tried to watch tutorials on chord progressions in Gmin, but ultimately this didn't help when I was putting the song together in Garageband. 5. I wrote some parts in the Korg Gadget app (en ROOte to Toronto and in the hotel r