For my first "Creative Output," I decided to compose a sketch (our sound landscape) for a song idea called, "Miracle." I remember the melody came to me when I was walking around Chinatown sometime in the Fall of 2016, and the only words that came into my mind were "Make America Great Again..." For some reason, which perhaps I will explore later on in this songwriting process, I didn't want to go down the rabbit hole of thoughts laid out by that phrase. I changed the words to "Make a miracle and pray for me," a phrase that has a much more loaded and personal meaning to me. Over the past two years, I have explored this song idea with various collaborators who have made beats, composed guita

Creative Output 2018

I am creating and documenting a songwriting process for six ideas that I want to produce into an EP, or some other musical project that incorporates the songs I will make. I have been developing these ideas for the past four years, with very limited musical knowledge but a huge network of musicians, composers, and producers who have been willing to collaborate with me. The theme of this music project will be to explore "amalgamations" and "paradoxes" through sound, genre, and perspective. My goal is to compose a basic framework to the melodic ideas and paint a soundscape that will help me find the right producer to work with to finish the project in 2019. Perhaps another outcome of sharing